Breaking the Rules

One Quick Take, Weddings

Aug 6, 2018

In general, my plan at a ceremony is to be as ninja-like as possible.  I don’t want your guests wondering what I’m up to, or watching me flit all over the place.  I try to move at inconspicuous moments, plan out my path, and not detract from the main show; you.

But once in a while a shot presents itself that is worth being seen.  Like this one for Taylor & Garth.  Their officiant stepped to the side during their vows.  I saw it happen, and all I could think was here was a beautiful backlit opportunity to capture not only the gravity of their connection in this moment, but the incredible location they had chosen.  With the capitol building rising between them, and their friends and family smiling on….I jumped into the officiant’s spot, fired off a few frames and snuck out.

Even if someone noticed me…I think it was worth it.

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