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Mar 13, 2017

I thought you might enjoy a little behind the scenes peek into the how and why of our new website.  This new site is just the first piece in a brand refresh you will see unfurling across all our platforms in the coming months.  What you see from me from now on will be aimed at a classic, personal, sophisticated look with just a touch of gold and sass.

This is year 10 for m three studio. (I know, can you believe it?!?), and it was time to polish things up a bit.  We’ve come a long way in 10 years and over 300 weddings.  I have it all saved in archive – from that first (now cringeworthy) wedding in 2007, the old logo, the old business cards (multiple versions), the rebrand in 2009, and now a refresh on that in 2017.

(A little peek at the past incarnations of m three studio)

My brand and my work have always been side by side. Sometimes one jumps ahead of the other and we have to do some leveling off.  Such is the case now.  The old website was lovely, but it didn’t fit as well anymore.  The sleeves were a little shrunken, the neckline had lost it’s shape.  It was comfortable, but I’ve never been a big fan of comfortable artistically.

I wanted a site that touched on a lot of my “Why”.  For me, being a photographer is such an honor.  I’m asked to record special moments in someone’s life story.  But I’m also asked to be part of that experience to a certain extent.  It’s an honor I don’t take lightly.  We put a lot of work into crafting that experience, and the photographs we create.  I know my work becomes part of my client’s family history – and so the site is a nod to that.  I’m shooting for the silver frame with every click of my camera.

The new website also touches on my storytelling focus.  I’m a former filmmaker and animator.  Storytelling has always been there for me as an artist. It’s another “why” for me.  It’s what drives me to photograph.  It’s what drove me to draw, to print, to paint.  There was always a story to tell. There still is.  This is why you see a set of full wedding days to peruse in the galleries – not just a collection of my best pictures.

I’ve added a fun page introducing you to my AH-mazing studio photographer Melissa.  She’s been photographing for m three studio for years – picking up dates I was already booked for.  You should check out her page, and her sweet pup Phoebe too.

There’s much more ahead!  Next up is a new and shiny blog – which has been a long-time coming, as we outgrew that look and threw it in the “too small” bin years ago.  After that, we will be full steam ahead on an Anniversary celebration of sorts.  Because 10 years is amazing!  I’ll for sure pull some more out of the archives to share and embarrass myself with too.

We are also adding a newsletter!  I’ll be featuring some stories on there that you won’t see elsewhere from me.  But it will also be a great way to keep up with all we do and create.  There might be a recipe or kiddo picture in there from time to time, and some other randomness.  You just never know.  Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know about special sessions, sales and other events.  You can sign up here, I hope you do!


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