Backyard Wedding | Willard & Tong


Dec 20, 2019

Their course was set long before they ever met.  Willard was a little boy in Wisconsin who took it upon himself to learn Mandarin at an early age.  He studied maps and daydreamed about far-flung places.   She was an independent little girl in China whose parents pushed her to pursue her dreams, even though it meant she would leave.  Many years later he walked across a plaza in Shanghai and spied her.  He swallowed hard and quietly thanked his inner child for learning the very language he needed.  He said hello in Mandarin, and she replied in English.  He smiled.  So did she.  And from that point on, the two walked the same path, still crisscrossing the globe, still chasing dreams, but together.

The Credits:

Planner: Amy Wiegert
Floral: Impressions by Esther
Catering: Shully’s
Stationery: Bayview Printing Co.
Tent: Canopies
Lighting: Sunlighting Production
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Peter Baime
Lion Dancers: ShaoLin Center
Band: Chicago Catz
Cake: Tracy Brodd
Makeup & Hair: Style by R

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