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Apr 2, 2013

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile.  So, no time like the present!

Last summer we had a Blessing for Baby Girl.  We aren’t particularly religious, so joining a church to have her baptized seemed disingenuous.  But we did want to officially welcome her in some way, and officially dedicate her godparents.  So, we had a blessing.  My parent’s sweet pastor officiated, and we wrote the ceremony ourselves.  We hosted the little event at my studio and kept it sweet and simple.  I enlisted the help of my pals Sue at Fresh Design and Karen at The Cake Lady to bring in some special florals and sweets, and afterwards we took everyone to dinner at Benelux.



blessing__2 blessing__3

My Mom had the train from her wedding dress made into a baptismal gown a few years ago, and I was really excited to see Sloane in it.  This image of her wearing the gown is still one of my favorites, I think she looks so beautiful in it.






We asked each of Baby Girl’s godparents to read a statement of intent to her.  This was easily my favorite part of the ceremony.  They each had such a personalized approach to the task and I’ll never forget what was promised to our little girl. blessing__10 blessing__9 blessing__8


blessing__6 blessing__5

This next photo on the right is a favorite because it reminds me so much of a favorite photo from when Hubby was a baby, on the left.  Same people, same pride in a baby, but in the first one it’s their child, and in the second, it’s their grandchild.  Love!blessing__7


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