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May 2, 2017

So, there’s one thing I’ve never understood about weddings.  Okay, well there are a few things, but one that truly puzzles me.

Why in the world do men rent a suit?  (And, even more, why do they rent shoes?)  There are so many things wrong with this concept.  Not the least of which is the fit is never right.  Don’t fool yourself – no suit that is made to fit an “average” size or sizes, could ever really be the right fit for your unique features and proportions.  There are as many rules about how a pant should break, where a cuff should fall, what the right width of lapel can do for your frame – as there are for dress silhouettes, fabrics, bustles….

So, let’s think about this a moment.  The Bride will shop for days, with much effort and opinion going into the selection of her dress.  Once chosen, it will be ordered in her size, then altered and perfected until it looks as though it was made just for her.  Much time and expense will go into her look. In contrast, the Groom will walk into a rental shop, get a few measurements, pick something out of a catalog and then never see it again until it arrives in a garment bag, stamped with a bar code, the day before the wedding.

Hmmm….doesn’t exactly seem fair, does it?

Shouldn’t the Groom – who is a whole half of this wedding equation – be given the same attention?  Shouldn’t he get to feel like he looks his best? Doesn’t he benefit from the confidence boost of a well-tailored look that feels personal, special, new and signature?  And, for the love of God, doesn’t he deserve to wear a comfortable shoe for the day, that actually fits?

I think he does. 

Still need convincing?  Okay, let’s be practical for a moment.  Why, oh why – would you go to your closet and pull out a garment that has been worn by multiple unknown people, likely been puked in or on in a previous wearing (not to mention the sweat, or other activities), washed countless times in questionable chemicals and is only marginally flattering on you?  You wouldn’t.  And you certainly wouldn’t choose it for your wedding day.  To be further practical – the cost of a tailored suit that you own outright – brand new, off the rack and altered – is about the same as a suit rental!

From a sentimental standpoint – wouldn’t it be wonderfully nostalgic to see your wedding suit in your closet in the years to come?  To wear it again to another wedding?  To pass down a piece of it to your child?  To be able to feel the weight of the fabric, to slip it on again and remember with a flash what it felt like to secure that jacket button, tuck your ring into the inside pocket?

If equality speaks to your soul – then let’s consider that a Bride will spend hundreds if not thousands on her wedding day look – with custom or carefully chosen accessories, shoes, undergarments, and of course the dress.  Her bridesmaids will each have bought a dress ($$$) which is then altered for them ($$$), shoes, accessories, hair, makeup…. you get that this is adding up, right?  So, why don’t we expect the same of men?  Why do they get away with a rental and don’t even have to buy a pair of matching shoes?

There’s just nothing like a man in a well-tailored suit.  It’s a classic look that never fades. So I say – the groom should get to enjoy the experience of a custom tailored or even custom made suit for his wedding day.  He should get measured, fit, and fit again.  He should get to pick out the fabrics, choose a custom lining, have his initials embroidered into the pocket.  He should be excited to take that suit off the hanger on the wedding day.  Thrilled to pull on the jacket and excited to show his Bride his well-polished look.

A few of our favorite suit makers:

Nicholas Joseph (Chicago)

Harleys for Men (Milwaukee)

Daniel George Custom Suits (Chicago)

Michael Andrews (New York)

Knot Standard

**Disclaimer:  Yes, I know there are plenty of lovely rentable suits out there, and always someone who feels that was the best decision for them, and that it was a great fit.  And I also know it’s just the generally accepted convention.  I just think with your wedding day you can do more.  Heck, we even made this misstep on our own wedding day – Hubby had a suit done for our rehearsal dinner then for some inexplicable reason we rented for the wedding day.  He felt like a million bucks at our rehearsal, and was rather uncomfortable on the wedding day.  So, I’ve always said this is something we would do differently for sure.  **


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  1. Kevin

    May 30th, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Yes! So many excellent points as to why a suit needs to be YOURS! Check out Chookhare & Sons, they make custom mens wedding suits that are personally tailored to fit each size and style:

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