Anne & Joe | Engagement


Aug 16, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race.  That could be the motto for their relationship she thought to herself.  Her feet pounded the ground, one after the other, a continual rhythm that was as steady as her own heartbeat.  She only had a few miles left in this marathon.  She’d come so far.  They’d come so far.  Joe was probably already done, waiting for her at the finish.  The hours of running had been a great time to think.  She remembered how they moved slowly and cautiously into a dating relationship.  How they steadily pushed that relationship forward thru different cities, jobs and phases.  They had moved in together and everyone thought that was the start of the next stage, a logical precursor to marriage.  But they continued their steady pace instead and started training for marathons.  They trained together, finding a happy rhythm with their feet and their relationship.  It had been a fun project, the running.  She heard cheering rising in the distance.  She must be getting close to the finish line she thought and quickened her pace every so slightly.  A few minutes later she spotted the finish ahead of her.  And there was Joe, just on the other side, beaming from ear to ear and shouting her name.  Her foot stepped over the white line and she felt a wave of accomplishment wash over her.  She stood still, catching her breath, smiling.  “How do you feel?” he asked her.  “Great!” she exclaimed between breaths.  “Good.” he said and hugged her.  And, then before she knew it he was down in front of her on one knee.  Finish line, indeed.

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