Anne & Ian | Engagement


Jun 4, 2014


 When you are single and searching, people are always offering up the singles in their lives.  Anne was used to a friend mentioning this guy or that one – they usually didn’t pan out.  But that night, when Ian walked into happy hour, her eyes perked up.  “Who’s that?” she asked, gesturing towards the door with her eyebrows.  Her friend Kari smiled wide.  “That’s Ian.  Cute, isn’t he?”  Now she was teasing.  “I’m setting him up with someone this weekend, but if any of you are interested, let me know.”  Anne took a sip of her drink and glanced toward the bar, and Ian.  Later that night, her friends had fallen off one by one, going home with one excuse or another.  But Ian was still across the table from her, and so was she.  He smiled at her – a twinkle unmistakably sparkling in his eyes, as if he couldn’t help it.  “Excuse me a second.” she offered and ducked into the bathroom hallway with her phone.  She fired off a quick text: ‘Kari- don’t set Ian up this weekend.  I’m taking him out.  :-)’  And, so it began.

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