American Club Wedding | Charlotte & Jason


Nov 18, 2014

*This wedding was shot by my fantastic associate photographer, Melissa**american_club_wedding--

For Charlotte and Jason, their wedding day was all about family.  Jason’s four kids had been the ones to give the couple a shove in the right direction when they asked him one day “Hey Dad, when are you going to marry Charlotte?”.  Jason had replied, “Well, you need to have a ring first.”.  That seemed easy enough to the kids who chimed in with “We’ll get a ring!  We have $30!”.   So, ask her he did, and on a beautiful fall day, the group of six became a new family.    From the moment of the first look, Jason looked at Charlotte as if it was the first time seeing her, and was totally smitten all day.  From the special sand ceremony to combine the children and the couple, to a beautiful song sung in tribute by Jason’s son during the reception, it was the new little family who took the spotlight.

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Ceremony Venue: The American Club

Reception Venue: The American Club

Floral: The American Club

Officiant: Karen Gonzalez, Sunrise Ceremonies

DJ: Juke Box Bandstand

Hair: Nhung Nguyen

Makeup: Natural Radiance


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