Miscellaneous Monday


May 6, 2013

Big congrats to three more m three studio couples on the arrival of their babies this week!  Jamie & Jonah, Emily & Jeff, and Simon & Melissa all welcomed baby boys.  What a great start to Spring for them all.  CONGRATS!

Do you know about Fab?  It’s such a great flash sale site.  They put together a wedding shop full of all kinds of great matrimony-related stuff.  You should really check it out if you are looking for something unique!

I’m gearing up for  Alexis & Kevin‘s sure-to-be-gorgeous wedding at the Patrick Haley Mansion this coming weekend.  It should be lovely, and I’m excited to shoot a wedding in sunshine and warmth!

There’s so much on the calendar this month – weddings, engagement sessions, editorial shoots, our wedding anniversary, mother’s day…..Hopefully the weather cooperates with my schedule!

T-minus 4 days until The Great Gatsby opens!  So freakin’ excited for that movie.  Baz Luhrman is a favorite for sure.

Happy Anniversary to my little sister and her Hubby today!  They are celebrating 7 fantastic years.  Congrats!

Have a great week!


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