14 Gifts for the Photographer in your Life


Dec 8, 2017

Whether it’s fabulous selfies wherever they go, carefully constructed shots of their latest restaurant meal….or someone who could talk your ear off with all the gear wishes of their hearts….Everyone has that one person in their life who is always taking pictures.

So, what do you get the photographer in your life?   Or, maybe Mom has been bugging you for a few ideas to put under the tree?

Just send her this list, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at 7 fun gifts for the Shutterbug in your life.  This is someone who is enthusiastic about taking photos, loves photography, but isn’t a professional or a gear head.   And actually, a pro or a gear head amateur would probably love these too.

  1. Canvas Wine Tote – $14 –  This tote is adorable, and any photographer who wastes away their nights staring into the glow of a computer screen will appreciate it.  Fill it with some wine to fuel those late-night editing sessions and you are golden.
  2. Podo Labs Stick & Shoot Camera – $69 – I LOVE this little guy.  It sticks to any surface and communicates with your smartphone.  No more selfie sticks or stretching your arm out beyond the socket – just stick, smile and click.   This is extra awesome for the Mom in your life – she gets to be IN the picture with this guy in her purse.
  3. Photography Patent Posters – $19 – A little inspirational and vintage-style art that can suit almost any decor.  A sophisticated homage to your love of photography, and a great conversation starter.
  4. Instax Camera ($54.99) and Instax Film Pack ($19.80) – These cameras are so fun.  It’s polaroids on a smaller scale, with simple and easy to use options.  Give your favorite photographer a chance to go analog and have some fun.  Kids really have a blast with these too!
  5. Wireless Bluetooth Camera Selfie Trigger – $7.99 – Another chance to be IN the pictures instead of always behind them.  This little remote lets you click away from inside an image.
  6. Power Add Bank – $14.99 – Hubby was gifted one of these last year, and you’ll see me stealing it on the regular.  Each battery pack holds multiple charges for your phone or tablet – so no worries about draining your batteries on your photo adventures.  It’s practical, but you will be hearing all about how often the recipient uses this clever gift.
  7. Golden Hour T-shirt –  $28 – There are a lot of fun photography themed t-shirts out there.  But I like this one since it’s a little more subtle and invites conversation for those not familiar with this magical time of day.

For the aspiring photographer, the professional, or the avid amateur – any of these gifts would leave a serious impression!

  1. The Think Tank International Bag – $399.75 – I’ve had this exact bag for 10 years, and it still looks nearly brand-new.  It’s been hauled around more airports, photoshoots and weddings than I can count…and it just keeps delivering.  The interior is fully customizable to suit your particular gear needs, it fits in every airplane overhead compartment, and it’s built to last a lifetime.
  2. Creative Live Photography Classes – various $ – Buy your photographer a gift certificate to this amazing online education site.  They’ll be able to expand their knowledge and skills in hundreds of areas – all from the comfort of their couch in their pajamas.
  3. Think Tank Photo Lily Deanne Mezzo Bag – $149.75 – Can you handle more bag love?  Because I am deeply in love with this bag.  I’ve been carrying around multiple versions of other shooting bags for years, always disappointed with how they didn’t hold up.  This bag checks all the boxes and then some!  More space without the bulk, fully customizable, structured enough to stand up when set down (no spilling lenses!), but soft enough to hug your body while shooting.  I could go on and on…this is THE bag.  And, it’s 50% off right now….
  4. Holga Camera – $39.99 – These little cameras come in a variety of colors and styles, but the insides are what matter.  As simple as a camera can be – light, film, shutter and basic settings.  Trust the magic of silver nitrate exposed to light over time, and let this camera unleash some hidden creativity for you.  The basic process they demand frees you from the technical side of photography and results in lots of happy accidents.
  5. Ilford HP5 Black & White Film – $8.29 – This is my favorite film.  Pair it with the Holga camera above and you’ve really got a combo gift.  But give several rolls alone and you’ve just handed a photographer candy.  Film, to use however they want, on whatever they want – that’s fun times.  Make it even better with a gift card for processing to your local lab.
  6. Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza –  $30 – This is a totally bipartisan recommendation, all politics aside.  You could be on the far right and still love the photography in this book.  Souza is a brilliant photojournalist who shot day in and day out, for years, capturing the story that was President Obama.  You’ll be astounded by his neverending creativity and interest in a single subject, and his creative use of elements he had on hand to make brilliant compositions.
  7. Irving Penn: Centennial – $49.98 –  It’s Irving Penn, the consummate portrait artist.  The one we all copy, look up to, seek to allude to.  This tome belongs on every photographer’s bookshelf for endless inspiration and thoughtful reflection.




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