A letter to my Husband | Happy Anniversary

Dear Hubby,

Have I told you today how lucky I am to be in love with you?

Because I am.  I’ve been so crazy lucky for eight years, and the seven years before that.  Those first seven seemed to crawl by at times – it was a holding pattern to me – just waiting for this life to begin.  I’ve known you were my future from the first conversation we had. Marrying you felt like I won a prize, I remember feeling so accomplished, so victorious that day.  And now I look around and somehow that overwhelming feeling has grown exponentially.

Looking back at the couple from eight years ago; what we didn’t know could fill a few books.  I remember my Dad gave a toast that said something along the lines of  “These two are very accomplished each on their own, but what they can do together as a team knows no boundaries.”  We believed that then, and we have lived it every day since. None more so than these last few.

What we have built with our little family – I could not feel richer.  I sat in Mini’s bed last night reading stories to her and Squeak, the two of them giggling at each other, and I just stared at them in wonder.  I can’t believe it sometimes.  Here are two tiny beings, such awesome renditions of you, and they are ours.  Ours.  We get to raise them. Us! This morning as I woke up I looked over at you sleeping and marveled at my residence in the universe.  We get to live this life together.  Side by side.

So crazy lucky.

I can’t wait to see what year nine has in store for us.  I know that whatever it is; with you it will be filled with laughter, joy and love.

Happy Anniversary,





Megan & Louis | Milwaukee Art Museum Engagement


As an art major, tickets to an exhibit at the art museum was always something she would agree to.  As a college student who had one margarita too many the night before, it wasn’t her top priority that morning.  But Louis was insistent that they attend, so she dragged herself out of bed and into the shower.  A little while later they were walking into the back entrance to the museum, “It’s a special event that my work sponsored, so we get VIP access” he had explained, and gave their names to the security guard.  As they sauntered down the hallway, they passed several images hanging in the windows.  Louis pointed one out.  It was their first picture as a couple; goofy faces, a bit blurry, and two days into a camping trip.  Not their most appealing image, Megan thought, and cringed at the thought of his coworkers seeing it.  “Does everyone at the firm have a picture up for this event?” she wondered out loud, and Louis just smiled and shrugged.  They passed another picture, this time of their trip to meet her parents.  They stopped and chatted about the encounter, reminiscing.  A couple of steps later there was a third picture and then realization hit her like an avalanche.  What this?  Could it be?  She looked at Louis.  He smiled and started talking about the picture in front of them.  She felt woozy, far too light on her feet.  Her brain was moving faster than the rest of her and her body couldn’t quite catch up.  She grabbed his arm to keep from passing out.  Somehow she was participating in the conversation, but she wasn’t fully aware of what she was saying.   Finally they reached the last picture.  “Megan, we’ve had so many adventures….I want to have so many more.  Will you marry me?”  Yes!  This was it! 


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New York City Engagement | Kelsey & Brendan


The Honolulu marathon was a good excuse for a vacation.  That’s what he had told her when he signed up.  Over the months of training, the hundreds of miles he ran alone that followed, with nothing but his thoughts with him, he realized it was an even better ruse for an engagement.  And so he ran and he planned.  And now it was over.  He had run his race, and there was a celebratory glass of wine in front of him.  She smiled broadly from across the table.  He smirked, knowing the marathon wasn’t quite over yet.  As the waiter collected their check, he suggested something. “Let’s go for a walk on the beach”.  She yawned and suggested heading back to their room for awhile first.  He tried to convince her, but she wasn’t budging.  About an hour later, he offered again.  “Let’s go for a walk on the beach.  It’s nearly sunset – we are in Hawaii!”  She was tired. “Tomorrow, okay?  I’m just tired, let’s stay in.”.  He sighed.  “Well, I’m not waiting any longer.” he said, and her head snapped up at the unusual response.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box.  Her hands flew to her mouth, stifling a little scream this time instead of a yawn.  Now the race was won. 

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Laura & Matt | Engagement


She checked over her look one last time in the mirror.  She fussed with her hair a bit and wished her Marquette sweatshirt came in something more fashionable.  ‘Ah, well’ she thought to herself.  ‘It’s a basketball game, who cares?’  She headed for the door, giving Lucy a pat on the head as she went down the hallway.  “Ready Babe?” Matt asked her from the kitchen.  “Yeah, let’s go!” she replied enthusiastically.  He joined her by the door.  “Did you forget anything?” he asked.  “No” she replied, rather absentmindedly.  “Are you sure?” he questioned.  She looked up.  “Yes, I’m…..” she trailed off.  He was kneeling there with a ring in his hand.  “Oh, my!” she exclaimed, and a smile spread across his face. 

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