Winter Engagement | Elly & Dan


Dan is a man of grand gestures.  When it came time to get engaged, he had a whopper planned.  On vacation in Florida, he and Elly planned a nice evening out, dinner, a stroll on the beach…watching the sunset.  When the meandered over to the beach there were two people and two horses.  Elly squealed and looked at Dan as if to say “Really?!?”  He nodded and laughed at her delight.  They got up onto the horses and headed down the remote beach, waves crashing, sun making the light around them warm and golden.  “I can’t believe you planned this Dan!”  Elly said excitedly.  “It’s perfect!”.  He blushed a bit, knowing what was ahead, and said “Anything for my girl!”.  They rode on, the sun getting lower.  He hoped his arrangements were going to be timed right.  He searched the beach, and then he saw it.  In the sand, several hearts carved, and “Elly + Dan” inside one of them.  He pulled up on his reigns and signaled to the handler to do the same for Elly.  Dismounting, she looked confused.  “Is this where it ends?”  He smiled, took her hand.  “No.  This is where it begins”, and he dropped to one knee.

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Milwaukee Engagement Session | Lauren & Dan


When it came time to propose, Dan had to show some persistence.  They were on a vacation in Vegas, and he figured the right time would arise at some point on the trip.  But he was also feeling anxious about it, and so he tried to grab the first moment he could.  After Lauren had been up for 24 hours and a late Vegas dinner, he offered a walk down the strip – hoping he could snag a sweet moment.  Instead, he was met with “Are you kidding me?!? I’m going to bed!”.  Proposal idea number one bites the dust.  The next day they lounged by the pool and didn’t have a solo moment, so he waited.  Getting ready for dinner that night, they were running characteristically late.  But he tried anyway, asking Lauren, who had sopping wet hair, if she could be ready a bit early to ride the ferris wheel before dinner.   “Are you kidding me?!?” she said again.  Proposal idea number two totally out the window.  The minutes ticked by, dinner approached, and he started pushing Lauren’s buttons.  “Are you ready yet?” “Hurry up!” he called over and over again from the hotel room as she prepped in the bathroom.  Finally, he couldn’t wait anymore and went into the bathroom himself.   Lauren spun around to look at him, toothbrush in hand, mouth full of toothpaste.  “Do you have the right jewelry for tonight?”  he asked.  “Are you kidding me?!?” she replied exasperatedly.  He just laughed, thinking that was the reaction he was going to get no matter what, so he should just go for it.  So he held out the ring.  She shrieked and surprised him with a different response.  “Are you going to ask me?!?”

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Madison Engagement Session | Mariah & Warren


The package on the counter had been there for a few days.  The name on the label sounded like an old, stuffy accountant.  She sent another reminder to the recipient thru the company system and wondered if he’d be picking up the box.  Most people came for their packages right away.  This guy hadn’t. 
The next day he came down the stairs into the lobby, legs heavy from jet-lag.  He stopped on the bottom step when he saw her behind the desk.  He wasn’t expecting such a young and attractive receptionist.   He straightened up and approached the desk.  She finished up her phone call and looked up, a smile on her face.  “You have a package for me? I’m Warren.”  She looked surprised.  “Oh!  Yes, I do….”

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I shot the Cover! | Veil Magazine



When Veil magazine asked me to shoot the cover for their 10th Anniversary issue, I was more than flattered.  And to be honest, a tad bit scared.  The shoot was a blast though, and the results were stunning, if do say so myself.  Just the other day I was cruising down the grocery store aisle when I stopped in my tracks to see my work staring back at me from the newsstand!

Many, many thanks to the friendly Veil staff for all their hard work and energy, the gorgeous models, and all the contributing vendors – you all made this such a fun experience!


In addition to the fashion spread, you’ll see two m three studio weddings featured inside with extensive interviews with the bride & groom!  Both Stephanie & Brian and Carolyn & Brendan’s beautiful wedding days are featured.

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And there’s a little story about me too….go get your copy now!  Or stop by the studio, and I’ll have one ready for you.