Notah & Kosta | Engagement


She spotted him in a bar.  One slow-sipped drink later and there were so many commonalities in front of them, it was as if the path had just been paved for their future.  And it had, but such groundwork was laid long before that night.  His family, her family, they had danced around each other many times back in Greece.  Both had immigrated to the U.S.  Both had become restauranteurs.  And now, their children had finally crossed paths.  So it was fate that these two would go back to Greece, to explore the homelands of those families.  And that, while standing on a cliff in Santorini, Kosta would pull out a ring…

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Fall Engagement Session | Trevor & Shawna


For Shawna and Trevor, the pieces just fell into place.  They were co-workers with a spark, but who also were dating other people.  Those relationships dissolved naturally, and they found themselves chatting it up and seeing reflected in this other person, everything they had been looking for.  Trevor stole Shawna’s heart in short order and before either of them knew it, suddenly they were living together and talking about marriage.  When your puzzle is complete, its complete.  There is an ease in knowing that, and it is something these two just exude when they are together.  One is so well complimented by the other, and there is such comfort there.  You just know you are witnessing an old married couple, rocking on the porch swing together, reminiscing about the old days….

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Fall Engagement Session | Michelle & Kyle


He grabbed her hand and led her off the barstool.  She was still admiring the candles all over the bar and trying to figure out what was happening.  She gave the bartender, his brother Keith, a questioning look.  Keith shrugged.  Kyle stopped short at the hostess stand.  She touched the corner with her hand, ran her fingers along the edge.  This is where they met.  It flashed in her mind.  He, all smiles and sparkling eyes.  Her, a nervous twitch with her ankle and an abandoned hostess stand as their small flirtation turned into a three-hour conversation.  He was talking.  She looked at him.  He was describing the same moments.  She smiled.  He got down on one knee.  She stared at him.  “Will you marry me?”  She watched the words come out of his mouth but didn’t hear them.  He smiled.  She hugged him exuberantly.  “Michelle?  Are you going to leave me hanging?”  He asked.  “Oh!  Yes!  My answer is yes!”

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Madison Engagement | Ryan & Dana


They were four goofball college guys.  Dressed up like their fathers might have looked back in the day – short shorts, Burt Reynolds style mustaches, tall knee socks, pale legs.  Their goofing-off was part of their school spirit and a fun way to blow-off steam on game day.   She had spotted them last week, and found their little routine endearing.  So this Saturday she was on the lookout.  She turned a corner and she heard them cheering.  She pulled her friend closer to her, partly hiding behind her and grabbed her phone.  She lined up the cutest one on the screen, waited for the camera phone to focus.  “Hey!  Pictures have a price!”  She looked up.  He had caught her.  His smile was teasing, impish.  She smiled back.  “What’s the price?” she countered.  “A date.” he stated.  “Done.” she said, snapping her picture.  

If you are wondering how such an encounter has led to a wedding day….I can’t tell the story any better than this video.  Enjoy!

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