Miscellaneous Monday

It’s been awhile since we’ve just chatted.  Let’s catch up!

Highpoint of this past weekend was definitely running into an old friend at Brandie & Joe’s wedding who I hadn’t seen in years.  Just loved that I got 10 minutes to chat with him and catch up a bit.  And, meet his brand-new baby boy!

It’s cold now.  Cue the complaining.  I’m one of those people that don’t mind the sweaters, boots and crispness.  Though I admit, I could go for a few more weeks of 60-65 degree weather, but we all knew the temperatures weren’t going to stay forever.  The plus side is at least this means the leaves are changing.

My dear friend (and one of my associate photographers) Melissa was in town for her last visit of 2015 just two weeks ago.  We had a wonderful time, as usual, and the girls soaked up plenty of “Aunt Mo” time to hold them over until the next visit hopefully.

This coming weekend one of the m three studio family ties the knot, and I can’t wait to capture it! So excited for Sarah & Nate’s (she’s one of my assistants) big day!

Hubby had a record harvest fair, and is a busy bee planning and scheming for next year already.  If you want to check out some of the fun, you can search for their hashtag: #microharvest on both Instagram and Facebook.  We spent as much time playing in the hay, bowling pumpkins and riding the carousel as we could too…despite Squeak’s nasty cold. Here are a few shots of the girls:

harvest-1001 harvest-1002 harvest-1000


(yeah, her hair is real.  It’s like a dandelion and won’t lay down.  We’ll actually be kind of sad when it finally does.)

It’s October.  Take a deep breath.  For us, that means our little Squeak is turning one.  ONE!  I’m in such disbelief.  I know every parent says that, but I think all the craziness of last year made this year just zoom by in comparison.  We are busy with planning her first birthday party and trying to wrap our brains around her even being that old.  Ah, time.

We’ve also been diligently working on halloween costumes.  Mini decided she should be a tooth fairy and that Squeak should be a tooth.  We figured this is the last year she can get away with dictating what her sister’s costume will be in conjunction with her own, so we are rolling with it.  Now to figure out how to make a tooth….

TV is back.  My culling and editing hours have been much improved!

Mini started soccer this fall.  I though tiny ballet slippers and leotards were adorable last year.  I was wrong – way cuter are tiny shinguards and cleats!  It’s such a blast to watch her learn a sport I loved so dearly all my childhood.

Five weddings left for 2015.  Bring it on!


  1. Emily posted the following on October 6, 2015 at 11:48 am.

    Yay!! Excited to see you on Saturday!
    p.s. Your girls are adorable – that hair!! :)

  2. Emily posted the following on October 6, 2015 at 11:42 am.

    Yay!! Excited to see you on Saturday!
    p.s. Your girls are adorable – that hair!! :)


The Edgewater Hotel Wedding | Sarah & Paul


“Can I get an upgrade?”  That was what Sarah asked Paul as they were dating.  It was playful code for moving their relationship to the next level.  On their wedding day, she joked that she was getting a serious upgrade.  And the glittery, sparkly, sophisticated day they orchestrated at Madison’s Edgewater Hotel felt like it too.  The Art Deco inspired venue played perfect host to Sarah’s feminine vision of gold, creamy florals, sequins and a bit of sweetness.  Paul had his input too, with a WWE inspired grand entrance, complete with costumes and custom announcing.  Scroll down for all the capitol city fun!

edgewater_wedding_ edgewater_wedding_14madison_wedding_11edgewater_wedding_13madison_wedding_10edgewater_wedding_12madison_wedding_9  edgewater_wedding_3edgewater_wedding_2madison_wedding_12edgewater_wedding_-4madison_wedding_13edgewater_wedding_15madison_wedding_14madison_wedding_15edgewater_wedding_-5edgewater_wedding_16edgewater_wedding_-6 madison_wedding_16 edgewater_wedding_19madison_wedding_25madison_wedding_24 edgewater_wedding_18madison_wedding_20madison_wedding_23 madison_wedding_22  edgewater_wedding_20   edgewater_wedding_-- madison_wedding_21   edgewater_wedding_--2edgewater_wedding_21edgewater_wedding_--3madison_wedding_18madison_wedding_17madison_wedding_19edgewater_wedding_17     edgewater_wedding_--5edgewater_wedding_24madison_wedding_6 edgewater_wedding_-2edgewater_wedding_8edgewater_wedding_--6madison_wedding_edgewater_wedding_9edgewater_wedding_25madison_wedding_3 madison_wedding_4madison_wedding_5madison_wedding_2  edgewater_wedding_6 edgewater_wedding_5 edgewater_wedding_4    edgewater_wedding_-7   edgewater_wedding__ edgewater_wedding_--7   edgewater_wedding__2edgewater_wedding_--8edgewater_wedding_--14  edgewater_wedding_7   edgewater_wedding_--11edgewater_wedding_--12edgewater_wedding__3edgewater_wedding_--9edgewater_wedding__4edgewater_wedding_--16edgewater_wedding_-10edgewater_wedding__5  edgewater_wedding_--13



edgewater_wedding_-8  edgewater_wedding_--10  edgewater_wedding_22 edgewater_wedding_23edgewater_wedding_--4edgewater_wedding_-3   madison_wedding_7edgewater_wedding_--17edgewater_wedding__6 edgewater_wedding_--18  edgewater_wedding_--19edgewater_wedding_--20   edgewater_wedding__9 edgewater_wedding__8 edgewater_wedding-   edgewater_wedding_--21  edgewater_wedding__7madison_wedding_8  

The Credits:

Planner: Cherry Blossom Events

Ceremony Venue: Bethel Lutheran

Reception Venue: The Edgewater Hotel

Floral: Flora by Jamae

Rentals: Event Essentials

Makeup: Studio 3REE

Hair: Brideheads

Invites & Escort Cards: Flair Necessities

Programs & Table Numbers: Sugar River Stationers

Cake: Carl’s Cakes

Bride’s Gown: San Patrick

Bride’s Shoes: Allure Bridal

Bridesmaids: Rent the Runway



Chicago Engagement Session | Sora & Rob


She had always been a slippery one.  Hard to catch, even harder to keep contained. But that was what he loved about her too.  The way she was always onto the next thing, always pulling him along to try something new, see something amazing or experience a new adventure.  He had invented fake plans to be at the same bar as her five years ago, just to cement an “out of the office” relationship.  The scheme had worked, even if she had slipped out of the bar 30 minutes later.  Now he was furiously texting with her, trying to nail her down to a picnic so he could propose.  She wanted to go shopping and kept coming up with excuses.  He wasn’t going down without a fight though, and intervened so her shopping friend cancelled.  “Okay, I’ll be there in fifteen” read the text.  Yes!  He had won.  She was in the net!  A stop for mediterranean food, a drive to Northerly Island and now they were sitting on a blanket, enjoying some wine.  This was it, his chance.  Before he knew it he was on his knee and words were tumbling out. 

riverside_engagement riverside_engagement-riverside_engagement2riverside_engagement--2riverside_engagement-2riverside_engagement3riverside_engagement--6 riverside_engagement-3riverside_engagement7     riverside_engagement8riverside_engagement-4


The Farm at Dover Wedding | Andrea & Scott

**This wedding was shot by my fabulous associate photographer, Melissa**farm_at_dover_wedding- 

It’s hard to contain the beauty from Andrea & Scott’s wedding day.  So I stopped trying.  Let’s just unleash it.  It’s everywhere.  The flowers are ah-mazing (yes, that misspelled kind) and there might be 200 extra pictures of them below because of it.  Andrea was made for the dress she chose, the flutter of the bridesmaid dresses, the swagger of the guys, the fun of the lawn games, the whimsy and magic of The Farm at Dover, and most importantly (and most apparent) the so-thick-you-can-taste-it love between Andrea & Scott.   This little snippet from their ceremony says it best:

And just as sure as seasons are made for change
Our lifetimes are made for years
So I… I will be here
We’ll be together
I will be here

-Steven Curtis Chapman



farm_at_dover_wedding-12farm_at_dover_wedding-10farm_at_dover_wedding8 farm_at_dover_wedding23farm_at_dover_wedding-2farm_at_dover_wedding-13farm_at_dover_wedding--farm_at_dover_wedding-14farm_at_dover_wedding25farm_at_dover_wedding--2farm_at_dover_wedding6farm_at_dover_wedding2farm_at_dover_wedding-15farm_at_dover_wedding-_farm_at_dover_wedding-16farm_at_dover_wedding-17farm_at_dover_wedding--3farm_at_dover_wedding-18 

farm_at_dover_wedding-_2farm_at_dover_wedding-_3farm_at_dover_wedding--5farm_at_dover_wedding-20farm_at_dover_wedding11farm_at_dover_wedding-_4  farm_at_dover_wedding-19farm_at_dover_wedding-21farm_at_dover_wedding-_5farm_at_dover_wedding-4farm_at_dover_wedding-_6farm_at_dover_wedding--4farm_at_dover_wedding-_22 farm_at_dover_wedding-_24farm_at_dover_wedding5farm_at_dover_wedding-22farm_at_dover_wedding-_7 farm_at_dover_wedding-23farm_at_dover_wedding--6farm_at_dover_wedding3farm_at_dover_wedding-5farm_at_dover_wedding12

farm_at_dover_wedding13 farm_at_dover_wedding-_8farm_at_dover_wedding-24

farm_at_dover_wedding-_9 farm_at_dover_wedding--8 farm_at_dover_wedding-25farm_at_dover_wedding-__ farm_at_dover_wedding-__3farm_at_dover_wedding-_11farm_at_dover_wedding-__2farm_at_dover_wedding-_10  farm_at_dover_wedding-_12 farm_at_dover_wedding-__4farm_at_dover_wedding--9farm_at_dover_wedding-_13 farm_at_dover_wedding-_14 farm_at_dover_wedding-__5farm_at_dover_wedding-__10farm_at_dover_wedding-_15      farm_at_dover_wedding-__7 farm_at_dover_wedding--10 farm_at_dover_wedding-__8 farm_at_dover_wedding--7farm_at_dover_wedding-__6farm_at_dover_wedding-_16farm_at_dover_wedding-__9  farm_at_dover_wedding-_17   farm_at_dover_wedding-__11 farm_at_dover_wedding-_20farm_at_dover_wedding-_21farm_at_dover_wedding-__12 farm_at_dover_wedding-__13 farm_at_dover_wedding-_23farm_at_dover_wedding-__14 farm_at_dover_wedding-_25farm_at_dover_wedding-__15      farm_at_dover_wedding21farm_at_dover_wedding-_18farm_at_dover_wedding10farm_at_dover_wedding-3 farm_at_dover_wedding14farm_at_dover_wedding-7farm_at_dover_wedding9farm_at_dover_wedding15farm_at_dover_wedding18farm_at_dover_wedding-8farm_at_dover_wedding16farm_at_dover_wedding17farm_at_dover_wedding-9farm_at_dover_wedding19farm_at_dover_wedding20 farm_at_dover_wedding-6farm_at_dover_wedding-__16farm_at_dover_wedding--_ farm_at_dover_wedding-__17farm_at_dover_wedding--_2 farm_at_dover_wedding--_3 farm_at_dover_wedding--_4  farm_at_dover_wedding-__20farm_at_dover_wedding-__18 farm_at_dover_wedding-__21farm_at_dover_wedding-__19   farm_at_dover_wedding-__22 farm_at_dover_wedding-__24 farm_at_dover_wedding--_6farm_at_dover_wedding-__25  farm_at_dover_wedding--_5  farm_at_dover_wedding--_7  farm_at_dover_wedding--_9  farm_at_dover_wedding_2farm_at_dover_wedding--_11       farm_at_dover_wedding_  farm_at_dover_wedding_3 farm_at_dover_wedding_4 farm_at_dover_wedding--_10farm_at_dover_wedding_5 farm_at_dover_wedding--_8farm_at_dover_wedding_6


The Credits:

Venue: The Farm at Dover

Florist: Flower & Bee

Cake: made by the Bride’s Cousin

DJ: Mike’s Early Pro Sound

Catering: Bubb’s BBQ

Makeup: Stephanie from Carenza

Wedding Planner: Timeless Events

Bride’s Gown: BHLDN (cascada)

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: BHLDN (Polly), Lauren Conrad Paper Crown (Lauren)

Men’s Suits: Dubois

Stationer: Wedding Paper Divas

Bride’s Shoes: Nordstrom

Bride’s Jewelry: BHLDN

Bar Service: Drink Inc.